01. A young boy miraculously survived after [plunging] over Niagara Falls.
02. The car ran off the bridge, and [plunged] into the ocean.
03. German philosopher Goethe once said, "[Plunge] boldly into the thick of life!"
04. A young boy [plunged] into the lake from the cliffs.
05. The young child [plunged] his hand into the water, and pulled out a starfish.
06. Political uncertainty in Quebec has caused house prices to [plunge] in some regions.
07. The assassination of the President [plunged] the country into civil war.
08. There is a kind of bird which can [plunge] as deep as 90 feet, and can stay underwater for as long as three minutes as it searches for food.
09. When relationships break down through death, separation, or divorce, many women suddenly find themselves [plunged] into poverty.
10. In 1994, a comet broke apart, and [plunged] into Jupiter, ripping holes the size of earth in the planet's atmosphere.
11. The terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 threatened to [plunge] the economy into a new recession.
12. Jean Anouilh once said, "Roll up your sleeves, and [plunge] your hands into life!"
13. King's Bay waterfall on the east coast of the island of Tobago [plunges] 100 feet.
14. Sheer cliffs [plunge] into the Adriatic Sea along Albania's coastline.
15. After the death of their Tsar in 927, the Kingdom of Bulgaria [plunged] into a deep social and political crisis.
16. The Taiwanese stock market [plunged] 5% in early Monday trading.
17. In January of 1995, a 9-year-old girl escaped from a plane crash when she was thrown clear of the jet as it [plunged] into a lake in Colombia. All 51 other passengers died.
18. In 1982, Princess Grace of Monaco was killed when her car [plunged] off a mountain road.
19. Economic growth in South Korea [plunged] by 6.6% in 1998.
20. During winter on Mars, temperatures [plunge] to minus 125 degrees centigrade, and the air begins to freeze solid.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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